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6 Hour Long OM Chanting Meditation Track to spread positive energy in and around you.
OM - The most well known and universal of the bija mantras it is the sound of creation and causes energy to gather and flow upward and outward. Everything in the universe is pulsating and vibrating – nothing is really standing still!
The sound OM in this track vibrates at 528Hz helps in reducing cortisol and stress levels, which inturn promotes creation of healthy cells in our body. This. It also helps in balancing and tuning Solar Plexus Chakra which helps in more Self Confidence and Self Esteem. When we combine these 2 powerful sources of sound and vibration, what we get is totally miraculous.
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Favorite Quotes:
  1. In a monastery in northern India, thinly clad Tibetan monks sat quietly in a room where the temperature was a chilly 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Using a yoga technique known as g Tum-mo, they entered a state of deep meditation. Other monks soaked 3-by-6-foot sheets in cold water (49 degrees) and placed them over the meditators’ shoulders. For untrained people, such frigid wrappings would produce uncontrolled shivering.
    If body temperatures continue to drop under these conditions, death can result. But it was not long before steam began rising from the sheets. As a result of body heat produced by the monks during meditation, the sheets dried in about an hour.
    Attendants removed the sheets, then covered the meditators with a second chilled, wet wrapping. Each monk was required to dry three sheets over a period of several hours.
  2. In 1985, the meditation team made a video of monks drying cold, wet sheets with body heat. They also documented monks spending a winter night on a rocky ledge 15,000 feet high in the Himalayas. The sleep-out took place in February on the night of the winter full moon when temperatures reached zero degrees F. Wearing only woolen or cotton shawls, the monks promptly fell asleep on the rocky ledge, They did not huddle together and the video shows no evidence of shivering. They slept until dawn then walked back to their monastery.
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Heart coherence is 100% possible w/o technology but this continues to work beautifully while our phone is on airplane mode & helps us stay focused during meditations with its real time feedback!